Interior Disesteem

The work consists of panels of paper, usually 11”x17”, wheat-pasted into a seamless pattern to create the illusion of wallpaper. “Interior Disesteem” is contemporary art installations using typically underutilized interior space. The work takes advantage of our paradigms of wallpaper design until the unexpected elements are noticed. This is an intervention involving the conceptions of interior space, using the works faux tableau to interact with the viewer.
“Interior Disesteem” is wheat-pasted in sections as it developed from the streets, from the pasting of repetitive images and patterns into the urban landscape. Street art has been receiving more focus as it matures but typically has not bridged it’s-self into interior living space as many of the other mediums of contemporary art have. This series crosses that bridge and brings the urban landscape and energy into our space as a contemporary art installation concealed in the familiar guise of wallpaper.

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