21c Museum Hotel, Durham NC

21c Museum Hotel commissioned 305 “Bank” tiles for their new property in Durham NC.  The installation was made into the vault of the building, as it used to be a bank.

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The “Unswept Floors” J.B. Wilson and Leslie Lyons

At the height of the Roman Empire, it became popular among the idle rich around the Mediterranean to commission tromp l’oiel mosaics presenting fallen food from their extravagant dinner parties. These tile works would be installed as the actual floor upon which guests would see that not only could their hosts afford such exotic foods such as lobster, rare fruits and delicacies from afar, but that they could afford to waste them and then commission an artist to create a work of art to portray the decadence. In such works as the one made by Herakleitos, 2nd C. BCE, actually titled ‘Unswept Floor’, the food presented is in tact and would have been edible. In other words, these are not “scraps”. The images portray food that was allowed to fall from the table and therefore be wasted. With a series of new tile installation work, American contemporary artists, Leslie Lyons and JB Wilson, explore this concept and process known as the ‘unswept floor’ as it can apply to modern life. In an effort to both document reality and portray it as a stylized concept, the artists’ find examples within their own private lives and within culturally experiential data to present everything from an intimate peak into a private domestic moment to gun culture to a confrontation with current food waste.